7 Things I Wish I Stopped Sooner

Hello beauties 💖 🌼 Today I’ve decided to focus on a bit more personal topic and share the things I wish I stopped sooner. It surely feels damn good to realize that I was able to make the changes I’ll talk about, and yet sometimes I’m struggling to quit feeling regret about all the time and effort I’ve wasted doing these things! Without further ado, let’s get started!

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: 5 Practical Tips

You, whoever you are reading this, are amazing. And nope, I don’t mean it in a cheesy way – I truly believe that every person has something unique and valuable to offer to the world. I am convinced that everyone needs to embrace who they are and always compare themselves to themselves as they were yesterday – not other people.

I would be silly of me to deny the evolutionary benefit of comparing ourselves to others. As social animals, we learn all kinds of things by comparing ourselves to others, however when this natural reaction becomes the reason why you feel inferior to other people and lose faith in yourself, something needs to be done.

Here are 5 practical tips (can’t stand those ‘just try to focus on what you like about yourself’ advice) how to stop comparing yourself to others in a way that causes you stress and harms your confidence.

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Why Happiness Isn’t The Ultimate Goal And It’s Okay

We use the terms ‘happy’ and ‘happiness’ loosely in everyday life. This morning I could have said ‘a cup of coffee will make me happy’ and it wouldn’t have been a lie – it just would have been my own expression of the value that a cup of coffee would give me. At the same time, is it possible to truly be absolutely happy in the long run?

As species, we’re built to overcome, fight, develop, and grow. And life is full of misery, challenge, and troubles, which is why people get so frustrated when they don’t feel happy and content. However, is happiness truly what we need to strive for? This post is about my own experience rejecting happiness as the ultimate goal and paradoxically feeling more content as a result.

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