Using Vibe In Kibbe System: 5 Reasons Why It's Baloney

‘Vibe’ has to be one of the most confusing myths about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis. If your ultimate goal is to determine your Kibbe image identity (mistakenly referred to as ‘body type’), this post is exactly for you. I think it’s necessary to use common sense (which, unfortunately, isn’t that common at all) and bust another BS myth about Kibbe’s system – all this notion about how every image has a ‘vibe’ that can help you somehow. Let’s start!

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How I Actually Use Kibbe's System: Outfits, Shoes, Hairstyles, Makeup (updated)

Greetings ❤️ I’ve just posted about how I got to know and love Kibbe’s Metamorphosis and this is a follow-up post. I am a Soft Gamine, but this post will probably be relevant for anyone interested in Kibbe’s system because I’ll share how I actually apply it. To me, the main thing about applying Kibbe’s system in practice is understanding my Yin-Yang balance. I don’t follow book recommendations to every last detail, however I find them extremely helpful regardless. I’ll give examples from my Pinterest and some examples of how Kibbe’s suggestions work in terms of applying the Yin and Yang balance knowledge in practice. Also, this post is ultimately about how I apply this system – not ‘how to dress if you’re a Soft Gamine’. Let’s begin!

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How I Got To Know And Love Kibbe's Metamorphosis: My Experience (7min read)

After writing so many posts about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, I think it’s time for me to reveal something that has been on my mind for a while – my personal story of how I got to know and love this system. I have written about Metamorphosis as philosophy, however that post has barely scratched the surface of my own exploration of Kibbe’s theory. So, following the suggestion of my subsriber Silver Roxen, I’ve decided to finally dive deeper, including the discussion of ‘Soft Gamine syndrome’ that I experienced myself.

In this post, I’ll tell you about my relationship with style and shopping, my style icons, and how discovering Kibbe’s Metamorphosis has put it all together for me. I will stick to the point, but there are quite a lot of details that need to be addressed to give you a full story, so grab yourself a cup of coffee (pun intended 😉) and let’s take a trip down memory lane for around 5-7 minutes. Oh and by the way! I won’t make this post picture-heavy – I’ll refer to my Pinterest boards for visual aid.
As a follow-up post for this one, I’ve described how I actually apply Kibbe’s system.

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Why Kibbe Image IDs AREN'T "Kibbe Body Types"

You might have noticed that in my blog I use quotation marks whenever I say Kibbe ‘body types’. This isn’t me being obsessed with punctuation – this is me being ironic about the whole ‘body type’ thing (oops, I did it again!) referring to Kibbe and how much it doesn’t align with what Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is all about. If you’re interested in Kibbe, this post is for you!

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10 Myths About Kibbe That Ruin It For You

Myths about Kibbe’s Metamorphosis that ruin the whole system for you and prevent you from figuring your image ID out. Warning! Prepare for brutal honesty! 😉

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Rihanna Kibbe ‘Body Type’: Why She’s NOT a Theatrical Romantic

What is Rihanna’s Kibbe ‘body type’? Understanding why she’s not a Theatrical Romantic can help you understand your own image ID better.

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The Meaning of Yin and Yang in Kibbe System

I notice a great deal of confusion about Kibbe’s body type system, especially when it comes to Yin and Yang. The understanding of these two forces is crucial for defining one’s type and place on the Yin-Yang scale. Quite often such absolutely different types as Soft Classic and Soft Natural, or even Soct Classic and Soft Dramatic are being confused. This stems undoubtedly from the lack of understanding of how Yin and Yang work in our features in Kibbe’s body type system. I’m not a Kibbe expert – the only expert is David Kibbe himself, but I’m presenting this topic following his views. So let’s clarify it.

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Kibbe Image ID Quiz with Pictures and Examples

Kibbe test with pictures and many examples for you to learn the difference between soft and sharp features

If you’re looking for Kibbe image identity quiz with pictures, or test, this means you’re aleady familiar with the Kibbe system to some extent. David Kibbe came up with this – let me just say genius – idea in the late 1980s and published his book “Metamorphosis” in 1987. The system developed by Kibbe still remains unique because it strives to go along with nature instead of trying to change it. 

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Kibbe’s Image IDs: What you need to know before taking the quiz

The New York stylist David Kibbe came up with his image identities system more than three decades ago and if you ask me, it withstood the test of time.

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