Waist Shape in Kibbe System. Waistline and Yin-Yang Balance

Hello and welcome ❤️ Today I’ve finally collected enough evidence to talk about one of the most curious topics when it comes to the Kibbe system – waist! Waistline has a considerable role in the 1987 book Metamorphosis and the test included in it, but we all know that David Kibbe has trimmed his system into a more agile and effective one over the years, so what about waist? Can Yin-dominated image identities, like Soft Dramatic or Romantic, not have a prominent waist? Let’s see.

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Soft Gamine vs Theatrical Romantic in Kibbe System w/Examples

Soft Gamine vs Theatrical Romantic. What are the differences between Soft Gamine and Theatrical Romantic? SG vs TR in Kibbe system. How to tell between Soft Gamine and Theatrical Romantic in Kibbe system?

Because ‘Soft Gamines look more like teenage girls and Theatrical Romantics are more womanly’ is absurd, offensive, and ignorant – most importantly, simply not true. Let’s get into the real deal here. In this post you won’t find guessing and counting celebrity answers to the test – human body isn’t a piece of furniture to be dissected like this, piece by piece, analyzing every small feature and measuring it as if it was a geometry assignment, thinking ‘so is it A or C?’ Instead, I suggest looking at the overall shapes – Ying and Yang and how they combine for SG and TR ‘formulas’. In this post I’m using only Kibbe verified SG and TR examples.

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Misconceptions About Kibbe Image Identities (FG, SG, FN, D, TR, Classics, Gamines)

Soft Gamine vs Theatrical Romantic? Do Flamboyant Naturals look their best in boho style? Should Classics be ‘graceful, proper, gracious’? Let’s find answers together.

Over the years Kibbe system aka Kibbe Metamorphosis has been reinterpreted and misinterpreted numerous times, which is how a lot of misconceptions occured. The worst thing is that they really skew the whole system and make it difficult to use. I think it’s important to debunk these common misconceptions about certain Kibbe image identities because they are just obstacles on our way, so let’s do it!

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What Is Vertical Line In Kibbe’s System? w/Examples +FAQ

What does ‘vertical line’ in Kibbe system mean? How to understand vertical line in Kibbe’s system? In this post I’ll do my best to explain it how I understand it, in simple terms and with examples.

The concept of vertical line in Kibbe’s system has to be one of the most curious ones, but integral to using the system in the first place. I’ve decided to devote a whole post to it and share my own understanding of the vertical line in Kibbe’s system. Without further ado, let’s start!

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Kibbe System for Different Ethnicities: Is There A Secret?

How to use Kibbe’s system for different ethnicities? Is there a special way or rule to use this system for certain ethnicities/countries/regions? The short version is “no” – read more for all the logical details you wanted to know!

Short version: no, there’s no secret at all – Kibbe system can be used by anyone without any limitations or special rules.

You might think: how about the fact that in different regions people have different heights and specific features that are more prominent? Shouldn’t the region/country/descent be taken into account to make the Kibbe image IDs be distributed evenly in every region? Does applying the same system to everyone mean that some ethnicities have lower chance overall of being certain image IDs? I think these are the questions that rightfully occur because I presume that people may find it maybe a bit unfair that women in regions with shorter average heights have higher chance of being Yin-dominant image IDs since being tall means having a lot of Yang according to Kibbe’s system.

All these questions aren’t directly answered in the book Metamorphosis (1987) by David Kibbe and in this post I’ll give my own thoughts on them according to my understanding because this issue is directly related to the false idea of ‘beauty standards’ and discrimination. Let’s start!

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Using Vibe In Kibbe System: 5 Reasons Why It’s Baloney

Does vibe work in Kibbe’s system? No, it doesn’t work and here are 5 reasons why. No bull

‘Vibe’ has to be one of the most confusing myths about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis. If your ultimate goal is to determine your Kibbe image identity (mistakenly referred to as ‘body type’), this post is exactly for you. I think it’s necessary to use common sense (which, unfortunately, isn’t that common at all) and bust another BS myth about Kibbe’s system – all this notion about how every image has a ‘vibe’ that can help you somehow. Let’s start!

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Why Kibbe Image IDs AREN’T “Kibbe Body Types”

Why Kibbe image identities aren’t ‘body types’. If you’re interested in Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, that’s a vital piece of information that self-proclaimed ‘expets’ leave out

You might have noticed that in my blog I use quotation marks whenever I say Kibbe ‘body types’. This isn’t me being obsessed with punctuation – this is me being ironic about the whole ‘body type’ thing (oops, I did it again!) referring to Kibbe and how much it doesn’t align with what Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is all about. If you’re interested in Kibbe, this post is for you!

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Rihanna Kibbe ‘Body Type’: Why She’s NOT a Theatrical Romantic

If you’re wondering what’s Rihanna Kibbe image identity this post will explain why she’s not a Theatrical Romantic

What is Rihanna’s Kibbe ‘body type’? Understanding why she’s not a Theatrical Romantic can help you understand your own image ID better.

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6 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Kibbe Image ID

Why I can’t find my Kibbe body type/Kibbe image ID? If you’ve asked this question, I can give you 6 possible explanations

You may want to determine your Kibbe body type for a variety of reasons: finding what suits you best and making shopping easier or it may be a part of your self-discovery journey. If you’re struggling with figuring your Kibbe type out, here’s a list of 5 possible reasons why it can be difficult and how to solve them.

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