My Best Remedies For Dry & Flaky Scalp. Part 2: Best Hair Care Strategies

Hello beauties,

In my previous post, I’ve talked about the issue of dry and flaky scalp and the products that helped me solve it. In this post I’d like to focus on the best strategies for hair care that help with this problem. Now, this is just my experience and I’m not a dermatologist or trichologist, therefore I can tell relying only on my own experience. So without further ado, let’s start!

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My Holy Trinity of Fitness YouTube

Watching these 3 creators (and certified trainers) has changed the way I view fitness in several important ways. I’ve stopped bullsh*tting myself and making excuses (e.g. that a Snickers bar is alright if I’m on my period and want something sweet – I was actually destroying my health in every possible way by doing that). I’ve learned about elimination diet (thanks to Swolenormous – thank you, Papa Swolio) and how to relieve pain and tension in the neck with a simple towel in 2 minutes from Jeff Cavaliere (those of you who have a sedentary lifestyle will appreciate this too – I’ll pack this post with links to my favorite videos). Well, and getting yelled at by an angry bold man helps sometimes too (a nod to Every Damn Day Fitness). Let’s roll!

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My Best Remedies For Dry & Flaky Scalp. Part 1: Products I Use

In this post I want to share some of the most awesome remedies I’ve found for dry and flaky scalp. I would like to specifically point out that I’ll be focusing on only dry and flaky scalp issue -not dandruff. If you aren’t sure which one you have, I’d highly recommend reading this article from Healthline. At first I mistakenly assumed that I had dandruff and started using anti-dandruff products, which further aggrevated the issue of dryness. I’ve researched the hell out of this and finally developed a great routine that helped me. Hopefully this post will help you in some way!

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Why I Avoided Yoga For So Long (Too Long)

Thank you, Papa Swolio, for making me realize why I avoided yoga for so long and inspire me to start doing it! If you consider yoga too boring or too slow for you, you might be interested in reading this post, for I also was a firm believer in more active workouts. Continue reading “Why I Avoided Yoga For So Long (Too Long)”

7 Tips To Get You Through Your Day On No Sleep

Sleep can be easily considered luxury and I’m not the one to tell you ‘get more sleep when you can’ – you already know the benefits of sleeping enough and the risks of sleeping not enough. What if you stayed up all night taking care of your baby, or couldn’t sleep because of stress, or your neighbors decided to get an all-night-long party – the fact is that the lack of sleep has already taken place. Let’s better go through tips that can actually help you feel betterthe day on no sleep. Continue reading “7 Tips To Get You Through Your Day On No Sleep”

How to Spot a Fake Fitness Expert (YouTube, Instagram)

When we turn to Google for sensible advice on health and fitness, we expect quick and informative guidance. However, we mostly get a lot of B.S. and product ads. Here’s a quick guide to spotting a fake fitness expert anywhere – on YouTube, Instagram, etc. Continue reading “How to Spot a Fake Fitness Expert (YouTube, Instagram)”

My Experience With Elimination Diet

Short post about how I tried elimination diet, how it completely changed my perception of healthy food and taught me a great deal about nutrition. Elimination diet truly worked very well for me, which is why I decided to share my experience. Continue reading “My Experience With Elimination Diet”