Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I proudly present my take on the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’m incredibly grateful to Be Beautifuls for the nomination and feel very honored to participate. Let’s proceed to the Award!

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Hello friends 😊 Today’s post is very special to me because I get to participate in this awesome award! I was nominated by Nita from A Spoonie’s Makeup Bag – thank you so much ❤️ If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, I’d highly recommend you do so – this blog inspires me continuously, because Nita’s creativity has no bounds! Now onto the Real Neat Blog Award!

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Food Award!!!!

My fellow blogger Ruelha has nominated me for Food Award and I’m really excited to do it! If you haven’t yet, check her blog out at – it’s the kind of blog that always inspires me and puts a smile on my face! Thank you, dear Ruelha, for nominating me ❤️

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5 Very Random Facts About Me

Hello and welcome 💖 It’s been 4 months and 4 days since I’ve published my first post on this blog and I think it’s a perfect opportunity for me to make a post like this to let you get to know me a bit more. These are things I’d talk about to a friend about over a cup of coffee. So here we go – 5 very random facts about me!

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First 100 Followers! THANK YOU 💖

Today my blog reached the first 100 followers and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, each and every one of you, for taking the time to read my posts, leave your likes and comments! My blog isn’t about reaching specific follower numbers to me – it’s about sharing things I find useful or interesting with all of you, it’s about every reader of my blog. Just a number doesn’t reflect how amazing you guys all are! At the same time, reaching 100 followers is a great opportunity to celebrate a milestone and express my gratitude and excitement! From the bottom of my heart thank you for joining me on my creative journey!

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