TipTuesday #11: Keep powder products from breaking on the go

Hello and welcome toΒ #TipTuesday! Today’s tips is about keeping powder products from breaking when you have them in your purse or travel with them 😊

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5 Most Terrible Viral Skincare ‘Tips’ I’ve Seen

Hello friends 😊 In recent weeks YouTube has been really stubborn about recommending me viral videos with skincare tips and out of curiosity I watched a few of them. To say the least, I was shocked! Many of them are simply ridiculous, but some of them are outright dangerous (and I’ve got a personal story to share about it).

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Beauty Product Ad Lies I REALLY Wish Were True πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

Don’t we all want to believe in fairytale, even for once? This post is dedicated to all of the promises that beauty product companies make, but can’t keep. All in good fun, but also makes me kind of sad and frustrated 😭😭 Maybe I’ll feel better if I get it off my chest? Let’s hope so and mourn the lies in beauty product advertising πŸ˜†

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