Overrated Motivation vs Underrated Discipline

The New Year’s resolution time is upon us and I want to stand behind discipline and say what needs to be said about motivation – probably one of the most overrated things when it comes to accomplishing things in the long run.

The book stores are flooded with books on motivation. Thousands of articles online give recommendations on how to motivate yourself and how motivation is the key to doing anything you want.

I would compare motivation to a little match that starts the fire. But it’s discipline, dedication, routine, and habits that make us maintain the fire by regularly throwing some more wood in there. That’s why I believe in discipline – not motivation.

It can be so disheartening to realize that your motivation is just not enough to accomplish what you want. However, this isn’t your fault! It’s the fault of all this propaganda of motivation, while motivation alone can never result in long-term accomplishments. The reason is very simple: motivation is the state of being inspired, emotional uplift, and stress in a way. The human nervous system simply can’t maintain this level of arousal for a long time, which is why it shifts onto the processes of slowing down.

How to develop discipline? 

If you truly want something, develop a certain regimen for yourself. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you do steps towards it regularly.

If you want to invest in your health and mobility by practicing yoga, then set a timetable for yourself on your phone and train even a little bit every day or every other day – however often you decide.

There will be days when you won’t feel like doing it at all – try your best not to skip training during such days! Our body and brain love comfort and hate getting out of the comfort zone. Don’t let them stand in your way. If you skip training, you’ll feel bad about it because it’ll mean sacrificing your long-term goal for a temporary moment of laziness. If you do it, you’ll feel twice as awesome because you’ll know that you’ve gained a small victory and made another step towards your aim.

After a while, your routine and discipline will pay off – you’ll develop habits. Once you develop habits, you’ll surely work regularly on achieving whatever you want – and you’ll get it eventually!

So let’s give motivation the credit it deserves – being the little spark that can start something beautiful. And let’s embrace discipline for what it truly is – the only perpetual motion mechanism known to men.

See you in my next post!



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