Taylor Swift Kibbe Body Type, Lily Cole Kibbe Body Type. Why They AREN’T Gamine

What is the first rule of any good research? Going to the source material. We could drown in a sea – no, ocean – of bad information and misintepretation if we’d believe everything that’s out there. And sadly, this is what’s happening now to the Kibbe body type system.

It so happens that David Kibbe published his book Metamorphosis back in 1987. It also just so happened that since then he didn’t publish any updated version of it (although you can learn from him on Facebook). Fast-forward 30 years and here we go, drowning in that bad ocean of misinterpretations. In my opinion, it’s okay if people just misinterpret his system and consider it as yet another system that puts people in boxes, then forget it and go on with their lives.

In my opinion, the shit hits the fan when a person calls themselves a ‘stylist’ and starts to offer consults on Kibbe for ACTUAL MONEY. While also coming up with a range of ‘drawbacks’ for the original Kibbe system without understanding the system. While twisting and turning it into a Frankenstein of some ‘new system’ of their own. To make money off of it. David Kibbe strives to keep only positive energy and probably isn’t the type of person to go to court with such case. As for me, this is my attempt to give legit information to people about Kibbe system, especially the role of height in it.

So, Kibbe is very clear about height in the Yin-Yang balance. If you’re tall like these two gorgeous ladies, you already have A LOT of Yang in you. I am not a Kibbe system expert (only David Kibbe is), but being this tall and narrow would probably already end up to a great deal of Yang. Add small eyes, sharp nose, sharp shoulders, long limbs, taut flesh, small lips (Lily) and we get a dominant Yang, which makes these ladies Dramatic (can’t tell about Lily, but Taylor is a verified Dramatic by David Kibbe himself).

If a person is around the height of Taylor and Lily, they will probably end up in one of these ‘tall’ categories: Dramatic, Soft Dramatic, or Flamboyant Natural. If a person is moderate to short height, they have more options because they can look taller than they are. Tall people look tall simply due to their height – they can’t have a short vertical line.

Now the question is: if you are tall, should you be squeezing yourself into Gamine category? By the way, David Kibbe removed pure Gamine as well as pure Natural and pure Classic to make the system more concise, so it’s either Flamboyant Gamine or Soft Gamine. Should you now be trying to break your gorgeous long vertical line with color blocking? Contrasting belts? Should you try to wear small swirly accessories (Soft Gamine recommended shape) that will NEVER accentuate your natural beauty? The answer is a resounding NO.

The problem with these ‘stylists’ and ‘Kibbe experts’ who ‘learned’ from Pinterest pictures is that they contort Kibbe system into the system of boxes, while Kibbe encourages to celebrate your beauty as it is and go along with it.

He asks, “are you an Amazon or a mouse?” Because freedom is for the Amazons, boxes are for mice.

Now, will you embrace your features or will you believe those who strive to put you in a box? 

I go with the first option, always.



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